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Hands & Feet

Hands & Feet

The secret behind well groomed hands and feet is expert care. Our cozy corner is the perfect spot to soften and relax your hands and feet. We use only the highest quality products and strict disinfection methods are of the utmost importance to us.


This is a holistic approach to bodywork that promotes healing and encourages the body to restore and maintain its natural balance. It is based on the theory that areas on the feet are linked to areas and organs of the body. Infused oil is used to massage feet, while applying pressure to reflex points. This session will leave you relaxed and restored.

30 min session: $40

Relaxing Treat For The Feet

Relaxing Treat For The Feet: in this basic service you will relax in our zero gravity chairs while warm peppermint towels are wrapped around your feet. Then kick back and enjoy a delightful foot massage with minty lotion. 25 minutes for $35

Add-on enhancements: (these do not change the length of the service time)

Warm salt stones $5 more

foot scrub $5 more

hand treatment which includes hand scrub and paraffin dip with mitts $10

Lengthen the indulgence with a scalp and face massage: adds an extra 10 minutes for $15